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Association Management

Richter Management is an association management company specializing in overseeing and managing single family, town home and condominium communities, as well as professional office buildings in Northern Virginia. With over 26 years of management experience, Richter Management has the expertise to successfully handle any situation that may arise and communicate effectively with the Board of Directors as well as the homeowners.

We Handle Everything
Centrally located in Fairfax County, Richter Management will be a presence in your community and will address any issue or concern immediately. All aspects of managing your community or professional building are performed in house including:

  • Preparing the monthly/quarterly invoices
  • Mailings
  • Financial Accounting

Your community manager will walk the grounds on a regular basis, attend Board meetings and initiate and respond to communications.

We Make the Transition Easy
When Richter Management manages your Association, a seamless transition procedure will be used to ensure members and vendors are kept in the loop every step of the way. Whether you want to transition in as little as 30 days or need more time, we can meet your needs. Your community manager will personally handle the transition and has the experience to see it through successfully.

Record Keeping / Finanical Documents
The Association's Architectural Review Board or committee can utilize Richter Management's record keeping to generate and keep track of all the letters and properly notify members of any violations in a manner in keeping with the Board's procedures and wishes.

Monthly financial documents are delivered to each Board member monthly or to a specific Board member. The financial documents will include:

  • General Ledger
  • Income and Expense statement
  • Monthly budget comparison
  • List of accounts in arrears
  • Copies of bank statements and checks that are generated

Annual Budgeting
Richter Management will prepare your annual budget and receive all member payments. Payments to vendors are all done in house. Vendor invoices and contract services are reviewed prior to payment to ensure accuracy.

Richter Management will maintain the records of your Association, oversee the annual audit and tax preparation and ensure all State and insurance requirements are fulfilled on an annual basis.

The Complete Solution to Association Management
When you employ Richter Management, you will receive the expertise, dedication and personal service our present clients rely on everyday. Contact the Richter Group for more information about Association Management for your community.